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Finding the Mindset

Often times, we find ourselves conscience of the moments on the way to the gym. Maybe it’s our first day, maybe it’s our 500th. You can picture the atmosphere, the music you’re playing on the drive, the gear either in the passenger or back seat. Your beverage in the cup holder. And it suddenly hits you that you have no motivation to even find a parking spot when you arrive at your destination.

It happens to everyone. For many different reasons. For me, it’s one of two instances; either I’m too physically sore from the previous sessions, or my mind isn't right. For the first, I need to listen to my body. Too many times Ive ignored the signals and continued to rep myself right into an injury. That’s 2-6 weeks I'm taking away from what truly makes me feel good to be alive. Listen someone who wants to do this (lift weights) for a lifetime - it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Train properly.

So let’s talk about the second. The mindset. What’s that all about? Well, for starters it’s yours. You own it no matter what you choose to take into the gym with you. But let’s remind ourselves of something before we start warming up. First of all, you made it. You won the grand prize. Life. There was a significant chance I was not going to live on this earth and see these days. According to history my birth parents put me up for adoption after talks with their families about abortion. In my mindset however, I was chosen. There was a plan for me that started that day and that exact year I was born and it’s been in motion ever since. The same goes for everyone of you reading this. So if that’s not getting you hype about being alive (a probability of 1 in 102,685,000 by the way) go back to bed. With that kinda perspective though, think now about the fact that we are a completely versatile, state of the art, top of the food chain being. Designed to withstand a multitude of adversity. What I’m talking about is our bodies.

Our human bodies are made up of some of the best cell structures and organic tissues known. We can adapt to illness, heal our wounds, manipulate our metabolism in times of fight or flight, and become strong. Strength in itself has so many physiological benefits alone that its astounding to think training the body wasn’t emphasized more in grade school. Just strengthening the heart ( through cardiovascular exercise) has statistically proven to lead to more life! We were made like this! Someone up above, and someone pretty amazing if you ask me, loved our souls so much they gave us bodies that can be and do so much on this planet. And all it takes is effort and time? You’re damn right I’m hype to go work out. I want to grow. I want to evolve what was given to me saying “Thank you for blessing me with such a gift, this is the potential I have brought it to! “ God did not settle then he created us. Don't you dare settle when building yourself. Let’s go.

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